Monday, October 11, 2010

Student Rocking the Fashion World

Preview, September 2010, featuring Stacy Rodriguez as One of the Ten Young Designers To Watch

Of all the things I do for work the thing which gives me the most pleasure is teaching. I love being able to help a young student reach his or her full potential. I am lucky that at The One School I have many extraordinary young people enrolled that have no choice but to listen to me, haha!

What I find so interesting is that when a student makes a commitment to become the best version of themselves possible, the change often happens very fast. Sometimes adults can be so stubborn and change very, very sloooooooooowly. We should all learn a thing or two from our younger counterparts.

One such student is Stacy Rodriguez. I am so proud because she was just named by the prestigious Preview Magazine as one of the Ten Designers to Watch in 2010. What is more amazing is that she wasn't even enrolled in our fashion school but in entrepreneurship.

The great thing about Stacy is that she is a true individual. Instead of following others and copying the styles of designers elsewhere she created something truly her own. In the beginning she began by tie-dyeing fabric and selling leggings using this material. When her brand Glasnost by Stacy Rodriguez came across its tagline - “Wear your freedom on your sleeve” - everything came together.

Stacy is now rocking the world and getting the recognition she deserves. From day one I knew she had it and it makes me so happy that I was somehow part of her journey. Keep creating Stace and as I've told you many, many times anything you dream is possible!

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