Saturday, October 23, 2010

Intestinal Fortitude

Smiling through hard times

Cracking up in class while eating a donut

Bilbid Entrepreneurs 

Obligatory Class Photo

Having the opportunity to go to National Bilibid Prison through Rock Ed once a week is the greatest gift. This has now become the highlight of my week and the two times it got cancelled (because our permits didn't clear) I felt super bummed out.

Many business writers have documented that success really relies on EQ (Emotional Quotient) and AQ (Adversity Quotient) a lot more than it relies on the commonly accepted standard of IQ (Intelligence Quotient). How one is able to persevere through difficult times and how we control our emotions and work with others often spells the difference between a venture's success or failure. For any enterprise the problems will always come. It is just a matter of when and how big the waves will be when they arrive. Sometimes giant tsunamis attack totally unannounced.

When I see my inmate friends maintain a positive outlook after twenty years (for some) of incarceration it is absolutely and completely inspiring. Imagine being in the same place for so long and not going crazy. This level  of strength is inconceivable to me. We, in the outside world, are so comfortable. I go to Bilibid not really to help them but because I get so much out of it. Inside those walls lies armies of wisdom and tons of new ideas. I love Bilibid and hope to have the honor of continuing my trips there. The human spirit and its capacity to survive is really miraculous. I just would like to share the blessing of meeting these people with everyone.

Mastering one's self is really dependent on taking what life has to offer and making the most of it. Obviously this is much easier said than done. I like the words "Intestinal Fortitude". These words sound so serious - like our lives depends on it, as it sometimes does. In hard times may we find the Lemonade Maker in all of us.

Gaspar singing a happy tune (in Spanish!)

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