Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dealing with Adversity

Even in the darkest of times there is always a source of light

I've been going to National Bilibid Prison once a week and have learned so much while there. My friends inside have taught me a lot about true strength, faith in a higher power and intestinal fortitude. One of my buddies on the inside told me last Wednesday that they survive by “borrowing strength from each other”. He actually said it in Tagalog which is always more poignant - “Kapag hindi ko na kaya, humihiram lang ako ng lakas ng loob”. When one is down another brother pulls him up, even just a bit. 

Yesterday was difficult day for me at work. Without getting into too many details, a project I have been working on for about three years didn't yield the expected results. This, despite my giving it all of me - heart, body, time, money and soul. Strangely though I feel an inner peace, even if the road ahead will surely be more difficult. I think this partly comes from knowing in my heart of hearts that I gave it my 110% and left no stone unturned trying to make things work. More than that though what lifts me up is knowing that so many lives have been positively changed through the process.

So now I seek to actualize the wisdom of my brothers in Bilibid, who rely on those who love them to keep them strong.

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