Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Finding a Mentor: In the beginning...

My first mentor - Engr. Alex J. Ledesma
My first blog entry is dedicated to the person who really started me off in this world of business. Naturally my first mentor was my dad, who I fondly call Papa. I think that father-son relationships are often the hardest because men (or maybe Filipino men in particular) don't always know how to appropriately show emotion. Growing up I was always angry at my father and rebelled by trying hard to be everything that he was not. I thought of him as a disciplinarian while I saw myself as a dreamer. He was always focused on making money while I fancied myself an altruist. My Papa was so deep into the world of business while in my youth I lived through books. Now at 36 I find that many of the things which I am are exactly what my father was, and for the first time in a long time I am embracing this. I believe that attitude is everything. My dad never changed. I was the one who changed what I chose to make my dad's actions mean.

            If I were to summarize the positive traits of my Papa that I aspire to emulate they are:

  1. Frugality
My Papa is so simple. He probably only spends less then 50% of his income. I am also like this and I love it. Before I buy anything, regardless of its physical value, I think about it a hundred times. Because of this I treasure and maximize everything I own.

  1. Hard working
Admittedly I am not as hard working as my dad although I like to think that I work smart. I surround myself with people smarter then me and I empower them to make decisions. In many ways I am more like the conductor than the star.

  1. Ability to talk to different kinds of people
Everywhere my Papa goes he talks to people, asking them how much they are selling whatever they are selling, where they are from, and many other random questions of that nature. I've also picked up this habit and now I get great service everywhere because all the servers have become my friends. Plus, if you believe that everyone is a genius at something then the world and everyone in it becomes incredibly fascinating.

            Cheers to an even better relationship between Lex and Alex Ledesma!

Engr. Alex with (technically) Engr. Lex at Whistlestop Jupiter

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